Buy IPhone 14 Pro Max Pallet (17 Pieces)

Original price was: $4,500.00.Current price is: $2,500.00.

$2500 for a pallet containing 15 brand new and unopened in boxes 14 pro max iPhones.

All phones are in perfect functioning order.



iphone liquidation pallets sale

iPhones pallet iPhone 14 pro max. And a pallet contains 15 phones per pallet. 20% Off

Storage:  = 64GB, 128Gb and 256GB

Color: Mix

Condition : Good working condition

Shipping Area : worldwide

EAN: 2000000039251Availability: 32 in stockSKU: 7427526

iphone liquidation

iphone liquidation pallets sale


iPhone Liquidation Pallets

A pallet is consist of 17 phones all brand new sealed boxes.

iphone liquidation pallets sale

Buy iPhone Liquidation Pallets are a great way for businesses to save money and increase their profits. A liquidation pallet of iPhones is a great way to get a large quantity of brand new iPhones at a significantly discounted rate. Liquidation pallets are bulk lots of brand new, overstock, or returns from major retailers. The iPhones on the pallets will range in model, carrier, and storage size. All iPhones come in bulk packaging, making it easier to store and transport large volumes of iPhones. The iPhones on the pallet may be open box, used, new, or refurbished.

iphone liquidation pallets sale

iphone liquidation pallets sale

Pallets are large, flat pieces of wood designed to transport large amounts of goods at one time. A pallet of iPhones would allow businesses to buy an entire pallet all at once, rather than individually selecting iPhones. This makes it easier to obtain large quantities of iPhones quickly and cost efficiently. Additionally, pallets are designed to be easily handled with a forklift or pallet jack, eliminating the need for additional manual labor.

iphone liquidation pallets sale

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get a large quantity of iPhones, Buy iPhone Liquidation Pallets are the perfect solution for you. With a wide variety of models available, you are sure to find what you need at a price that fits your budget. Buy iPhone Liquidation Pallets and get the iPhones you need at a fraction of the cost!


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