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Where do Direct Liquidations Pallets get their products from?

Direct Liquidations Pallets collaborates with top retailers from across the country. Our team obtains product directly from the manufacturer in order to offer you the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Is it necessary to have a resale certificate to purchase?

No, a resale certificate is not required to make a purchase at Direct Liquidations Pallets

Do you take returns??

Due to the nature of the products, all sales at Direct Liquidation Pallets are final.

What steps do you take to ensure that auction buyers pay?

We limit new buyers to two outstanding transactions at any given time. Once a new buyer has won two auctions, they are unable to place new bids until payment is received. This restriction remains in effect until a buyer completes their first transaction.

What occurs if my merchandise is the subject of a dispute?

If a buyer feels that the goods they have got does not match the details they were given by the seller when they placed their bid, they have the right to submit a dispute. The buyer must fill out a disagreement form in order to initiate the dispute process. After we look into the issue, we will determine a resolution that both the buyer and the seller must abide by. After receiving the items, buyers must inspect them and file a dispute as soon as possible, ideally within two business days. After we get your issue, we will resolve it in 15 days. Each party must adhere to the offered dispute resolution procedure.

What payment methods do you accept

We accept payment via VENMO, ZELLE AND CASHAPP. Standard Shipping(1-5Days): $100.00 Express Shipping (1-2 Days): $150.00 Local Pickup

Who sells on Direct Liquidation Pallets

Retailers Manufacturers Distributors Wholesalers Institutions of Finance Companies that specialize in reverse logistics Depot Repair Services

Who bears the cost and liability of shipping?

With the help of our shipping partners, we plan and oversee shipping. For foreign orders, the buyer bears all shipping expenses, including customs and taxes. Every auction is covered for 100% of its total value by insurance.

Who is in charge of scheduling my merchandise's shipment?

We will schedule the shipment of your items and let you know when to get them ready for pickup as soon as the buyer's money is received. Typically, pick-up takes place two business days following the receipt of the buyer's payment.