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Explore our perfume by scent family collection and find your new signature fragrance today.Perfume by Victoria’s Secret
Explore the seductive world of Victoria’s Secret perfumes.

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The iconic and bold Very Sexy Victoria’s Secret perfume (also available in Very Sexy for him cologne), the playfully flirtatious Bombshell perfume, the natural and fresh Bare perfume, and the sultry and irresistible Tease perfume are among our luxurious perfume for women. Victoria’s Secret fragrances have you covered whether you’re feeling playful, confident, or simply want to add a touch of seduction to your everyday.


What exactly is Eau de Parfum?

Due to a higher concentration of fragrance oils than other types of fragrances, eau de parfum is a great option for those who want a more intense and long-lasting scent. This means that a little goes a long way, and you can enjoy the scent without having to reapply throughout the day.

Buy Victoria Secrets Pallets

Victoria’s Secret has an eau de parfum for every occasion, whether you want a fresh and light scent for the day or a bold and seductive fragrance for a night out. With its long-lasting and concentrated scent, eau de parfum is a must-have for anyone who enjoys fragrance and wishes to make a statement with their fragrance.


Buy Victoria Secrets Pallets

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is a seductive and irresistible fragrance that embodies glamour and sensuality. This fruity, floral-forward fragrance is made up of exotic ingredients, resulting in a distinct aroma that is both fresh and sultry

The perfume’s top notes include the juicy and zesty essence of Brazilian purple passion fruit, which gives you an instant burst of energy every time you put it on. The fragrance’s heart is a lovely bouquet of peony, a sweet and delicate flower that adds a touch of femininity. The fragrance’s base notes are a warm and creamy blend of vanilla orchid and pine, creating a rich and luxurious finish that lingers on the skin for hours.


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Buy Victoria Secrets Pallets


Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is an excellent choice for a special occasion fragrance or for a touch of luxury on a daily basis leaving an indelible impression. You’ll be enveloped in a bold blend of juicy clementine and tart wild blackberry, accented by the sultry warmth of wood and soft vanilla orchid, from the first spritz. This fragrance is ideal for those who want to make a statement while exuding confidence and sensuality. Shop for Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy fragrance in eau de parfum, lotion, or fine fragrance mist.

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Where can I find Very Sexy for Him Cologne?

Fans of the iconic Very Sexy for Him Cologne, take note! Your favorite fragrance has been rebranded as the VS HIM Platinum Fragrance. But don’t worry, it’s still the same seductive and masculine scent you’re used to.
The distinctive scent of woody-fresh oakmoss and invigorating Sichuan pepper creates a signature scent that is sure to leave an impression. The aromatic violet leaf adds an unexpected touch of softness to this scent, making it suitable for any occasion. VS HIM Platinum Fragrance will instantly elevate your fragrance game.


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Victoria’s Secret Tease is a playful and feminine fragrance that exudes seductiveness. This scent is the ideal choice for women who want to express their confidence and sensuality. It is a perfect combination of sweet and sultry. The fragrance’s top notes are a fresh and juicy Anjou pear, giving it a bright and sparkling opening. The fragrance’s heart is a lovely white gardenia, a sweet and delicate flower that adds a touch of femininity. The fragrance’s base notes are a rich and creamy black vanilla, providing a warm and luxurious finish that lingers on the skin for hours.


This fragrance comes in eau de parfum, lotion, and a fine fragrance mist, allowing you to layer and build the scent to your desired intensity. Whether you want a subtle scent for everyday wear or a bold scent for a night out, Victoria’s Secret Tease has you covered with a scent that will turn heads wherever you go.Shopping

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Women’s Perfumes for Sale


Browse our perfumes and eau de parfums to find the perfect scent for you. Victoria’s Secret now has a large selection of women’s perfumes.

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What is the best Victoria Secret fragrance?

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Best Victoria’s Secret Fragrances


Wicked Eau de Parfume is the best sweet fragrance.


Victoria’s Secret Midnight Bloom Mist is the most affordable option.

Buy Victoria Secrets Pallets online


Scandalous Eau de Parfum is the best fruity-floral perfume.

-Eau de Parfum Crush.

-Experience Eau de Parfum.

-Extremely Sexy Eau de Parfum.

Body Mist with Berry Pop.

-I adore Fragrance Mist.

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